Laub\Hunt offers engineering service for complete line integration, "Turn-Key" projects, technical support or parts and field services for machine start-up, commissioning, trouble shooting, upgrading & rebuilding to customers around the world. We stand behind our products.

Service Call & Start-up Policy

New machine contracts include some quantity of In-Plant Time for commissioning and training. This time is built into the cost of the machine and is offered at no charge to the customer. The number of days is based upon the cost and complexity of the project. Please take note of the number of days to which you may be entitled. There are no refunds or carry-overs if all of your time is not used or needed to complete the Start-up Trip. If, however, additional days are required, the time will be billed at the above Service Call rates.

The Customer is responsible for all travel and living expenses incurred during the Service Call or Start-up Trip. All expenses are billed at cost. We make every effort to keep the cost of the trip to a minimum, i.e.: coach air-fare, corporate rates at hotels, etc. It is helpful to give us a least two weeks’ notice before any trip so that we can book the least expensive air-fare.

  • A Purchase Order is always required to cover the Trip before plans will be made.
  • The machine must be fully installed prior to any Start-up Trip. This includes all products, electrical, and compressed gas services. The machine should be set and leveled. All conveyors should be hooked-up and operational. The Start-up Trip is intended for commissioning and training, not installation.
  • The entire packaging line should be operational. All associated pieces of equipment should be fully installed and ready for production.
  • Schedule “down-time” for the line so that our Technician can have complete access to the machine. It is not advisable to attempt set-up and calibration while trying to run production. However, there may be times when we will need to simulate a production “run” for testing or calibration purposes. Please have sufficient product, containers, caps, labels, cases, etc. available for this eventuality.
  • Schedule your personnel to be available for training. If you have more than one shift, we are flexible and will schedule our time to overlap two shifts if necessary. Please inform us ahead of time so that we make the appropriate plans to keep the costs as low as possible. We will make every effort to accommodate you. Well-trained and knowledgeable personnel benefit both of us.
  • Under special circumstances we may need your help with on-site services such as machining, welding, etc. We will do our best to let you know ahead of time what we may need so that you can make the necessary arrangements.
  • We request that you make every effort to have everything ready for our Technician so that the Start-up or Service Call Trip goes smoothly. Together, we can get your machine running properly and your personnel trained in an efficient and cost effective manner. We do not wish to waste either your or our time and money with an inefficient and unproductive Trip.
  • Upon completion, our Technician will ask you to sign a copy of the Trip invoice stating that the work is complete. If problems arise during the Trip, please make note of it on the Technician’s Field Report. We will then take appropriate measures to resolve whatever problem(s) exist. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with our machine.